New Uses for Old Arts & Crafts Projects

✨Do what you can, when you can✨

All parents are busy. None of us have unlimited time or resources to share with our kids. But we make the most of what we have & we try our best to make the moments count ❤️
$Free.99 Family Fun tip: When our kitchen table starts to look like it’s about to collapse from the weight of old paper arts & crafts projects, this is what I do: I take pictures of the projects to remember them by, I display some of them on the fridge & then I ask my 5-year-old if he wants to cut up the rest with the scissors ✂️ While I declutter, I throw out challenges to him like can you cut out a square for Mommy, how about a circle, let me see you cut a straight line, etc. 💥BOOM💥 That’s how you multitask like a pro 💁😆 I cleaned up, he practiced his cutting skills & he enjoyed showing off & receiving praise & attention from Mommy 👍


Racing for $Free99 Family Fun 

✨We all had a playroom growing up. It was called “outside.”✨

Looking for some easy Free99 Family Fun? Just get outside & play!  Challenge your kids to a race & you can either have fun showing them that you still got it, or THEY can have fun making you eat their dust cause you’re getting too old to keep up with them 😩😂 

If you want to spice things up, here’s a few fun ways to add a twist to the fun:

1) Backwards Race: Everybody runs backwards.  Harder & funnier than it sounds!  Your kids will crack up when everyone starts to fall all over themselves 😂

2) Three-legged Race: Break up into teams of two.  Stand side by side with your partner & use a scarf to tie your right leg and your partner’s left leg together so that you’re stuck to each other.  Race other pairs who are tied together the same way. Again: harder & funnier than it sounds to coordinate the movement of your “third” leg with another person lol

3) Wheelbarrow Race: Break up into teams of two.  Have your partner get down on all fours & then pick up their feet, holding one foot in each of your hands. Your partner’s hands will remain on the ground so that you’re holding them up & moving forward as if pushing a wheelbarrow.  Have fun racing the other teams! 

Here’s a little #tbt to me racing my baby boy last year & my hubby going up against our oldest two kids.  I let baby boy win 😜but I’m not telling who ate the dust sandwich in my hubby’s race 😚🤐👀 


Easy & Fun Art Activity

✨Perhaps creativity is just intelligence having fun ✨

This #free99familyfun activity is always a hit: Cover a table with white paper (tape down the sides so it stays put), set out some art supplies & let the kids go crazy. 

The little ones love it, but those blank white spaces tend to bring all ages to the table (even if only for a short while 😜). Your art supplies can be as simple as @crayola crayons, colored pencils, or even regular pencils. OR you can try this simple DIY paint recipe: add a few drops of food coloring to condensed milk & stir. Voila! You have non-toxic paint which is especially awesome if you have a baby like mine who loves to eat everything! 😩😆


Fun at the Zoo

I recently took my two youngest children to the Los Angeles Zoo for the first time and they had so much fun.  The weather was gorgeous, the kids really got a kick out of the exhibits & it wasn’t too hard on my bank account.  #Winning

The majestic elephants were a sight to see!


The gorillas are always my favorite!

If a trip to your local zoo is on your to-do list,  here’s five $Free99 Family Fun tips for you:

  1. Plan ahead & find your best admission price. Sign up to receive emails from the zoo, so you’ll be the first to know about special discounts, promotions & events. Check for special discounts through your employer and any clubs your affiliated with.  Another option is making it a group trip with your extended family or friends to qualify for a group discount.
  2. Bring your own food & drinks. Many zoos allow this, so take full advantage of this huge savings & pack a lunch, snacks & drinks.
  3. Don’t rent the strollers. If you have multiple little ones, bring your wagon from home or borrow one from a friend. No additional cost & more room to haul your food & drinks, too!
  4. Steer clear of the gift shops.  Take lots of fun pics & then use a website like to create a photobook or put your prints on hats, shirts, mugs, magnets, etc.
  5. Don’t forget your sunscreen & hats or umbrellas.  No matter how nice the weather, lots of walking around in the sun = H.O.T.  Bring your own gear, or you may find yourself desperately seeking these items at the gift shop & it will cost you!

Hope this helps!  If you have any suggestions for more ways to save or enjoy the zoo, let me know in the comments 🙂