$Free.99 Arts & Crafts Projects

If you had told me six years ago that I’d be the proud owner of a hot glue gun & I’d actually enjoy arts & crafts projects, I would’ve rolled my eyes at you so hard 🙄. I guess motherhood truly has a way of bringing out the creative side of you 🤷‍♀️. Probably has something to do with all of that “making a way out of no way, while getting no sleep” practice we get so much of 🤔🤪

Anyhoo, I got in a little $Free.99 arts & craft fun with our oldest three children, while our 1-year-old took a nap (some of our materials would have been choking hazards for her). To make robots, sharks & a bunny, we used all materials we already had around the house (hot glue gun, scissors, markers, empty toilet paper rolls, tape, buttons, paper, twine, ribbons & some puff balls from an old Christmas ornament).

These are not my original ideas: we got the robot & shark ideas from Pinterest, and our oldest daughter came up with the bunny on her own 🤗.

If you’re looking for free & easy craft ideas to do with your kids, you should definitely try these. The kids enjoyed making them, it was good motor skills practice for them AND they got in tons of pretend play with their finished projects. (Lots of shark attacks & robot talk, so be prepared for that for the next few hours 🤪🤣).Enjoy!


Outdoor chasing games

“Tag! You’re it!”

“Come out, come out wherever you are!”

“Catch me if you can!”

“Last one there is a rotten egg!”

I overhear any one of these phrases & I instantly think of my childhood with a smile 🤗. The thrill of the chase is just plain ole universal, timeless, $Free.99 Family Fun. Never gets old!

Here’s two variations of the game “Tag” you can play with your kids:

Shark: One player is the shark & all the other players are shark bait lol🦈. Everyone spreads out & they can either hide until they’re ready to run or just run around from the shark in plain view. The object of the game is to make it to the designated “home base/safe spot” without getting caught by the shark. When I was a kid, home base was usually the front porch. Once a player made it to home base, it was always fun to taunt the shark by running off home base to be chased again 🏃💨

Freeze Tag: One player is “It” and has to chase & tag the other players until everyone has been tagged. Once tagged, a player has to “freeze” on the spot & can’t move again unless another player gets near enough to unfreeze (touch) them. Makes it a bit harder for the player who is “It” to get (and keep) everyone tagged but well worth the effort to up the ante on a classic game of Tag🤘

Have fun & don’t be the rotten egg 😜

Free printable coloring pages

So all of a sudden, our 1-year-old has graduated from “crayon eater” to Artist & now her favorite thing to do is color, color, color. Her favorite canvas is actually the wall (thank God for magic erasers! 😬) but I’m doing my best to get her more excited about coloring on paper, instead lol.

This is a sheet from a $2.00 Despicable Me coloring book I picked up. Below, I have listed a few websites that offer free printable coloring pages & I’ll continue to update this post with links as I find more 🤗

www.coloring.ws This one has fun educational printables (like the alphabets), popular character printables (like Pokémon & Barbie) & much more.

www.crayola.com. Fun character printables for the kids (Trolls, Finding Dory, Cars, etc) plus adult coloring pages so parents can join in the fun 🤗

www.play.fisher-price.com Fun educational & character printables featuring your favorite Fisher-Price toy characters

Do you know of a good resource for free printable coloring pages, but don’t see it listed here? Share it with me in the comments! Thanks in advance 😊 #free99familyfun

New Uses for Old Arts & Crafts Projects

✨Do what you can, when you can✨

All parents are busy. None of us have unlimited time or resources to share with our kids. But we make the most of what we have & we try our best to make the moments count ❤️
$Free.99 Family Fun tip: When our kitchen table starts to look like it’s about to collapse from the weight of old paper arts & crafts projects, this is what I do: I take pictures of the projects to remember them by, I display some of them on the fridge & then I ask my 5-year-old if he wants to cut up the rest with the scissors ✂️ While I declutter, I throw out challenges to him like can you cut out a square for Mommy, how about a circle, let me see you cut a straight line, etc. 💥BOOM💥 That’s how you multitask like a pro 💁😆 I cleaned up, he practiced his cutting skills & he enjoyed showing off & receiving praise & attention from Mommy 👍

Racing for $Free99 Family Fun 

✨We all had a playroom growing up. It was called “outside.”✨

Looking for some easy Free99 Family Fun? Just get outside & play!  Challenge your kids to a race & you can either have fun showing them that you still got it, or THEY can have fun making you eat their dust cause you’re getting too old to keep up with them 😩😂 

If you want to spice things up, here’s a few fun ways to add a twist to the fun:

1) Backwards Race: Everybody runs backwards.  Harder & funnier than it sounds!  Your kids will crack up when everyone starts to fall all over themselves 😂

2) Three-legged Race: Break up into teams of two.  Stand side by side with your partner & use a scarf to tie your right leg and your partner’s left leg together so that you’re stuck to each other.  Race other pairs who are tied together the same way. Again: harder & funnier than it sounds to coordinate the movement of your “third” leg with another person lol

3) Wheelbarrow Race: Break up into teams of two.  Have your partner get down on all fours & then pick up their feet, holding one foot in each of your hands. Your partner’s hands will remain on the ground so that you’re holding them up & moving forward as if pushing a wheelbarrow.  Have fun racing the other teams! 

Here’s a little #tbt to me racing my baby boy last year & my hubby going up against our oldest two kids.  I let baby boy win 😜but I’m not telling who ate the dust sandwich in my hubby’s race 😚🤐👀