Juggling Fun 

Whether you are a new step parent, caregiver, long distance grandparent, biological parent, or maybe even a parent reconnecting after a long separation:  spending time (no matter how short) connecting with a child through play can break the ice, build bonds between you, and create life long memories. That’s the power of connecting with kids through play ❤️
Juggling is an easy & fun $Free99 Family Fun activity because you can use stuff you already have at home!  Here’s a few $Free.99 Family Fun tips from my own experiences:

  • Keep things light-hearted & just have fun with it. Don’t put too much emphasis on skills because this is something that really just improves over time. Depending on your child’s age, their hand-eye coordination may or may not be particularly strong enough to juggle successfully ❤️
  • Start with small, hand-sized balls, scarves or bean bags.
  • Start off with throwing one ball from your left hand up into a tight arc-like motion, being careful not to throw the balls any higher than your head. Catch it with your right hand & pass the ball directly to your left hand without throwing it in the air.
  • Once everyone gets the hang of that, add a second ball. Hold one ball in each hand. Throw the ball in the left hand up into the arc towards the right & when it reaches the top of the arc, pass the ball in your right hand directly to your left hand.  As soon asthe  first ball lands in your right hand from the arc, quickly keep the cycle going: left hand throws balls up, right hand passes the balls to the left hand. 
  • If you guys master this, then you can tackle juggling three balls.  You use the exact same motions.
  • For visuals of these instructions, do an online search for learning to juggle objects & you’ll find lots of video tutorials on this subject.

Good luck & enjoy your $Free.99FamilyFun!


Author: free99familyfun

Hi! I'm a wife and blended family mom of four challenging myself to spend more time making memories & less time chasing material things.  Therefore, $Free.99 is my favorite price! ;)

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